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What Agape Means for Us?

Agape love does not come naturally to us in our sinful state. However, it does come naturally to God and is an integral part of Him. By drawing closer to Him and experiencing His love, we are able to begin to understand what this real love means. Only through Him can we show and experience agape love.

What do we do?

So in short, through our sponsorships and partnerships, we are positioned to support local and international initiatives aimed at supporting families who go through financial hardship by providing much needed care groceries, care packages, prayer counselling and a community that empowers and supports.

What Agape Means in the Bible?

To the Greeks, proper agape meant a general empathy or loving kindness for all people. Though in the Bible, Christians are indeed expected to care for all in the name of Christ, Christianity took this a step further. Biblical writers used God as the standard for true agape. Agape love, in the Bible, is love that comes from God. God’s love isn’t sentimental; it’s part of His character. God loves from an outpouring of who He is. As 1 John 4:8 states, “God is love [agapos],” meaning He is the source of agape love. His love is undeserved, gracious, and sacrificial. We are to love God and others with agape love. Agape is a choice, a deliberate striving for another’s highest good, and is demonstrated through action. God set the standard for agape love in sending Jesus to die for us while we were still sinners.

Meet the core Team

    Iante Rademeyer

    Founder and Director

    Iante is passionate about seeing others reach their full potential and live in their God purpose.

    She has a background in Education, training and supporting business owners with pursuing a healthy, life-work balance utilizing 

    Elizabeth Boshoff

    Prayer Counsellor

    Elizabeth believes that every life matters.

    We were all created on purpose for a purpose by a loving God. Each person who knows their true identity in the one true God, shall be healed from all past trauma, and shall come to their full potential in life .

    As every decision we make in this life echoes in eternity and we are all on this journey together, Elizabeth dedicates her life to assist those she met, through Holy Spirit driven counselling to know their identity, heal from their past hurts and to live the life God called them to live.

    Through her background in Pastoral Ministry for more than 20 years, she offers her life to see people walk this amazing journey and live their life to the fullest.

    As life is full of challenges, another passion for her is to create income to support and sustain individuals on their journey. Currently women are her main focus as a women that knows her identity, and who is healed, walks in victory towards her Vision, will ultimately raise a generation that will have vision and purpose.

    Danica Magbanua

    Online Business Manager

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    Darlyn Zamora

    Web Manager 

    Darlyn started as a general VA then transition to an Execute Assistant after 2 years. She got some skills under her belt and took courses to add more in her toolboxes. Some of them are web design, management and even development. 

    She has started writing again after parking it for years. Expect a lot of tips and blog entries from her in ionanthos.com.


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